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Golden Beach Home Lists for $36 Million, Even Though It Hasn't Been Built Yet

A sprawling 23,000-square-foot modernist mansion has hit the market in the exclusive enclave of Golden Beach for an eye popping $36 million. The catch: the beachfront home doesn't even exist yet.

Developer Jacob Abramson doesn't actual even plan to break ground on the eight-bedroom, 12-bathroom manse until the second quarter of 2015.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Abramson bought the three-fourths of an acre lot back in 2012 for $4.7 million and plans to spend another $18 million on construction plans.

In addition to the large amount of bedrooms and bathrooms, the house will also have five separate kitchens. That includes a kitchen in the spa, a kitchen in the guest house, and an outdoor kitchen. Your personal chef will never get bored!

The bottom floor of the property will also be devoted to health and wellness with its own built-in spa and steam room.

The home will also have a three-story "green wall" in the house covered in 25 different types of plants.

Now, if I had $36 million to blow on a beachfront mansion that didn't even exist yet, I'd probably want to buy my own lot and have an architect whip up blueprints based on my own weird rich person wants and desires. Isn't that half the fun of buying a new home before the construction phase?

"Yes, so I was thinking instead of the indoor bowling alley we could replace it with a bumper car arena. And, yeah, let's go ahead and put the mirrored ceiling in the 'extra' bedroom. I decided I don't need the 'bed' hanging from the ceiling after all."

But in a real estate market that attracts lot of rich people who are buying properties as second (or third... or fourth) homes or merely just as investment properties, apparently none of that matters.

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Kyle Munzenrieder