Gloria Estefan Is About to Get Tea Bagged

Gloria and Emilio Estefan's decision to hold a swanky $30,400-per-couple fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee featuring Barack Obama didn't sit well with many in Miami's largely Republican Cuban-American community. Hell, Herald columnist Jackie Bueno Sousa even gave ink to the idea that some folks should throw out their entire Estefan CD collection. 

Now the slightly off rhythm of the Tea Party movement is about to get Gloria (oh ey, oh ah). Naked Politics reports South Florida Conservative -- a Kendall-based, Tea Party-affiliated group -- is planning to protest today outside the Estefans' downtown Miami Bongos restaurant at 4 p.m. 

"Again, [the Estefans] have every right to support Obama or chairman Mao if they wish. However, do not pretent [sic] that you are a friend of liberty if you promote, support and contribute to those that want to see our founding principles destroyed," founder Marco Sendon wrote on the group's blog.

Sendon tells NP he's urging protesters to write "pithy but respectful signs" (with let's hope correct spelling).

Sendon warns Obama's "socio-marxism" could destroy everything the Estefans and other artists "had built in the name of socialist progress," while referencing The Lost City, a movie about a musician being hounded for his political beliefs, while he himself is hounding musicians for their political beliefs. 

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