George W. Bush: "Who the Hell is Marco Rubio?"

Some have always contended that Jeb was the smarter of the Bush brothers, and when he spoke alongside his brother in Naples today he certainly proved that he is, understandably, more knowledgeable on one subject: Florida Politics.

When asked about the heated Republican Senate primary between moderate Governor Charlie Crist and conservative movement superstar Marco Rubio, former President George W. Bush only had one question: "Who the Hell is Marco Rubio?"

[Update: George W. Bush's communications people have responded: He was just joking]

Well, he's only the current poster boy of many of many of the same people who championed W. Apparently he really hasn't been keeping afloat on current politics since he left office last yet -- assuming he was keeping afloat on current politics when he was in office, of course.

Some of the copy from Southwest Florida CBS-affiliate WINK seems to imply that Bush may be behind Crist, but unfortunately it's not clear.

Jeb restated that he remains officially neutral in the senate race, but gave a wink to Rubio supporters by saying he didn't agree with Crist's handling of Obama's stimulus package.

WINK also says the two disagreed over Sarah Palin, but didn't elaborate.

Update: A Communications Director for George W. Bush got in contact with us to provide some context that WINK left out: 

President Bush of course knows who Marco Rubio is. He knows him, and he respects him. For anyone to use this quote out of context is a shame. 

President Bush was teasing [moderator] Jim Angle after one of his many attempts to get President Bush to comment on the record about current events and politics. President Bush was clearly making a joke, and everyone in the audience knew it was a joke. He followed up his joke by saying that of course he knows Marco and respects him.

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