George W. Bush Coming To the Miami Book Fair To Talk Up His Memoir

What better way to celebrate the pending GOP sweep of the House (and just maybe the Senate) than to relive the good ol' days under Dubya with No. 43 himself? If you're among the thousands in Dade feeling nostalgic for life under Rummy, Condi and Cheney, you're in luck!

George W. Bush, the Decider himself, just announced that he's coming to the Miami International Book Fair in a couple weeks to talk up his new memoir, Decision Points. Maybe he'll clear up what that whole War in Iraq thing was really all about?

Nah, turns out the book is mostly about Bush overcoming his struggles with alcoholism. But there should be plenty of nostalgia for South Florida -- the book also centers on the 2000 election, hanging chads and all.

After presumably living in Cheney's secret cryogenic bunker for the last couple years, W. has been jumping back into the limelight lately. Last night, he joined his dad to toss out the first pitch at the Rangers' World Series game.

But Bush's Miami appearance, scheduled for 4 p.m. on Nov. 14, will be among his first talking about the memoir. Last night, he declined to even talk about the baseball game because of an embargo on the book.

Tickets for his speech cost $40 (including a signed copy of Decision Points), and go on sale this Friday.

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