Fun with Analogies: Charlie Crist and Anderson Cooper

Charlie Crist and Anderson Cooper have so much in common. They both have signature white, neatly kept hair. They both seem to have experience with unnatural tanning. Crist, though a Repubican, says he tries to keep his governing balanced and beyond party politics. Cooper, as a journalist, keep his own personal political prefrences silent. Oh, and there's also those recurring gay rumors each has to deal with, providing this fun little analogy you won't be seeing on the SAT anytime soon.

Charlie Crist:Jason Wetherington::Anderson Cooper:JD Ordonez

If gossip is to be believed, drunken 21-year-old boys love to get drunk and blab they've slept with them, allegedly.

Jason Wetherington reportedly blabbed to friends while drunk that he had several trysts with Crist in a hotel room while working on Katherine Harris's ill-fated senate campaign. He was 21 at the time. When Broward-Palm Beach New

Times columnist Bob Norman tried to get to the bottom of it,

of course, Wetherington completely denied the rumors but did admit he was an openly gay Republican. Which is weird enough.

JD Ordonez, you might remember, is the local dolphin trainer who's going to be on the upcoming season of MTV's Real World: Brooklyn.

He apparently had a snow-capped sugar daddy as well. Alledgedly he got

drunk at Buck 15 and told someone that, yes indeed, he has trained

Anderson's dolphin. He, too, denied the tryst, saying, "When you work at SeaWorld, you meet a lot of celebrities.... Being an animal trainer, I'm a public figure, just like he is."

Of course this all alleged and is probably the work of some nefarious group that hates prematurely white-haired men.

-- Kyle Munzenrieder

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Kyle Munzenrieder