Former Senate Candidate Jeff Greene's Infamous Party Yacht Is for Sale

Would you like to own a yacht that once hosted the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Mike Tyson? Would you like to to be the captain of a boat that was described as something like a Studio 54 of the seas for dorks complete with allegations of hosting "hired" party girls, frequent nudity, bad techno music, drugs, and lots and lots of sex? Do you want to shell out $7.9 million for the single craziest artifact from Florida's bonkers 2010 election cycle? Well, good news: Failed Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Greene's infamous party yacht, Summerwind, is for sale!

Reports Page Six:

Jeff Greene's 145-foot yacht Summerwind was anchored in the East End last weekend. The billionaire former Florida Senate candidate, who closed on the 55-acre Tyndal Point property in North Hanven for $41 million last month, told us the vessel, which has hosted Mike Tyson, is on the market for $7.9 million. It is anchored in a channel off Tyndal Point but "seems rusted and dirty," a Hamptons source tweeted. "We're not using it, it is just parked there," "Meltdown Mogul" Greene said of the boat, which he says he barely uses now that he is a dad.
Greene mounted a bizarre, self-funded campaign to try to capture Florida's Democratic nomination to run for the open Senate seat in 2010, but thanks in part to all sorts of crazy rumors about what went on aboard Summerwind, his campaign quickly derailed, and Kendrick Meek handily defeated him in the primary.

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Kyle Munzenrieder