For Your Bloggies Consideration

We've made no secret of our support for Mickey Rourke's Oscar ambitions, but there are other very important award ceremonies coming up soon in different fields, and as always, we'd like to support the home team. 

The 2009 Bloggies began taking nominations this week. No, we're not begging for your support. Riptide doesn't fit any but the broadest of categories, and there are actually other awards for alt-weekly blogs (Nikki Finke has won every single one). So instead, we'd like to throw our support behind some other locals. 

After the jump, we've listed our picks for various catagories. To nominate them, all you have to do is fill out the nomination form here before Monday. No, we didn't intentionally leave anyone out. If you feel we've snubbed a blog that deserves mention, please let us know in the comments section. We plan to edit this a few times. Also know there are many blogs we really like that just didn't fit into any of the categories, and suggestions for "Weblog of the Year" and "Best Writing of a Weblog" would get way too long.

best web application for weblogs

OpenZine (an interesting blogging platform run by two brothers) 

best photography of a weblog 

best art, craft, or design weblog

best food weblog 

best sports weblog 

best weblog about politics 

Again, in the comments, tell us what we've missed. There are only so many RSS feeds that pop into our head on a Friday morning.

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Kyle Munzenrieder