Florida Woman Offers Sex in Exchange for Two McDonald's Dollar Menu Cheeseburgers

We're not sure that sex with a prostitute whose fee is two cheeseburgers would actually be worth it. In fact, maybe just eating the cheeseburgers ourselves would be a better use of our resources. How good could it be for two cheap burgers? We'll never know though, because the cheeseburger bugger is behind bars. Yes, Christine Faith Baker, a 47-year-old resident of Manatee County, Florida, has been arrested for offering sex in exchange for McDonald's.

Baker was working the streets last Friday when she was approached by an undercover detective. Baker got into his car and the two quickly got down to business.

According to the Bradenton Herald, Baker said that the fee for her sexual services would be two cheeseburgers off the dollar menu at McDonald's. We should point out though that we're talking about double cheeseburgers. Those are one penny more than the regular cheeseburgers. Baker is apparently a hard negotiator.

The detective complied, and the pair went through the drive through. Afterward, though, Baker strongly suggested she would also like a $40 tip. Woah, OK, girl at least redeemed her dignity. Kind of. We mean, she could buy herself 40 more cheeseburgers with that.

She instructed the detective to drive to a vacant lot so he could get his end of the Happy Deal, but other officers arrived and arrested Baker on prostitution charges.

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Kyle Munzenrieder