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Florida Woman Lit Husband's Go-Kart on Fire Because of Jennifer Lopez

Ladies, when it comes to about 75 percent of Jennifer Lopez films, namely the vapid chicks flick, if you find your man watching one alone it either means he's gay or just checking out Jennifer Lopez. Shannon Wriska, of Santa Rose County, Florida, found her hubby watching one, and figured he was pretty much taking it in for some shots of J.Lo booty. So she decided to light most of his worldly possessions on fire.

Wriska "is very jealous and did not like him seeing Jennifer Lopez in the movie" according to the police report. The couple argued about the film for much of Wednesday night, and later while in bed, the husband asked Wriska to move over in bed.

"So, you're saying I got a fat ass?" she replied.

Apparently, she's got some body image issues, but wouldn't it stand to reason if the hubby was checking out a J.Lo movie he'd be really, really into fat asses? I mean, maybe if he was ogling some blonde twig like Gwenyth Platrow or Nicole Kidman or something she'd be a bit understandably jealous, but come on, the guy clearly appreciates a health serving of derriere.

The next day Wriska was still upset, so she started pushing and punching the husband. She then lit his go-kart on fire.

To make matters worse she put the couple's dogs in the car, and threatened to have them euthanized before driving off.

At some point while the husband was out of the house she returned to light his jacuzzi and boat on fire for good measure.

Wriska was eventually arrested and charged with first degree battery and arson.

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