Florida Woman Beheads Kids' Pet Rabbit in Front of Them

Leave it to someone from Florida to one-up the rabbit-related craziness of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

Tina Sandlin of Bay County, Florida, called two children out of their home and then decapitated their pet rabbit in front of them. When police finally arrested her, they found her hiding underneath a mobile home.

WMBB reports that the children's father is Sandlin's estranged husband.

On July 15, Sandlin was at their home and called the children out of their bedroom. She then cut off the rabbit's head in front of the kids.

Bay County Sheriff's investigators claim Sandlin did it because she was bored and wanted to see the rabbit's innards. Sandlin was high on meth at the time.

The children took awhile to tell their father what had happened.

"The kids were obviously emotionally disturbed about what had occurred -- they have said as much. There have been signs of continuing nightmares and other issues directly related to this incident," investigator Albert Willis tells WMBB.

The kids say that the rabbit was still kicking after the beheading and that there was lots of blood.

Once their father heard the story, police became involved. They found Sandlin on Monday hiding under a mobile home. There was already a warrant out for her arrest related to DUI charges.

Sandlin now faces two counts of child abuse, cruelty to animals, and resisting an officer without violence.


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Kyle Munzenrieder