Florida Website Sells Internet Girlfriends for $5

What can you get a girl to do for five dollars? Apparently, stage a fake relationship with you on Facebook, send you flirty texts or leave comments on all your Instagram photos. That's the idea behind a new Florida-based website called GirlfriendHire.com. The site allows real girls to sell their flirty services for $5 a pop to insecure dudes.

The site is the brainchild of Cody Krecicki, a 22-year-old community college student from Fort Myers, and hundreds of girls looking for a little extra cash have signed up. Since going live last week, more than 300 orders have been placed.

So what are these girls willing to do? Nothing particularly nasty.

Emy09 will text you for two weeks straight. LexieJp will post "Anything you want" on your Facebook wall. AllisonJoy1 will be your Tumblr girlfriend. And GabiS2 will "follow you on Instagram and like all your pics."

Though, some ads do a get a bit more kinky. Chaziimusprime, for example, will send you pictures of her feet.

Yes, mix the world's oldest profession and newest technologies, and GirlfriendHire.com is apparently what you get.

"Everyone's got to meet rent, so $5 here and there is definitely a big help," Robin Dunlap, one of the girls, tells NaplesNews.com. "I'd be sitting in front of my computer anyway -- that's an extra $5 I'd be getting for what I'm doing anyway."

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