Florida Unemployment Drops to 6.4 Percent, Miami-Dade's Drops 1.5 Percent in a Month

Florida's unemployment levels continue to drop. For this past November the rate was 6.4 percent, down from 6.7 percent in October. It's the ninth straight month since March that Florida's unemployment rate has been below the national average.

Meanwhile, Miami-Dade's unemployment rate dropped an astounding 1.5 percent to 7.0 percent. It was 8.5 percent in October. Of course those number's aren't seasonally adjusted, so in part that just reflects higher job rates as tourist season settles in. Though, the rate is considerably down from the same month last year when the rate was 8.3 percent.

All in all though, 89,952 people are still looking for a job in Miami-Dade. That's down from 109,548 last month. Though, the total labor force in the county dropped by just under 6,000 people, meaning some have just giving up looking for a job.

Statewide, jobs grew a total of 2.5 percent between October and November. According to Florida Department of Economic Oppurtunity, that's the fastest job rate growth since June 2006.

Florida's total unemployment rate is now at its lowest level since July 2008.

"We haven't experienced an unemployment rate this low in over five years," said Gov. Rick Scott in a release. "At 6.4 percent, we're well below the nation's 7 percent unemployment rate, and we added another 6,000 new jobs in November."

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