Florida Republican Candidate's Glee-Inspired Campaign Ad

Used to be when a politician had an embarrassing kid, he or she would exercise what's known as the "Rosemary Kennedy option." Nowadays, you just put your crazy kid in your commercials and let him sing, dance, and get his Glee on in the hopes it will somehow get you elected. That's what Republican Florida Rep. Mike Weinstein did. 

Weinstien, who's running for re-election to his District 19 House of Representatives seat in North Florida, let his son, Scott Leigh (name changed for entertainment industry purposes, apparently; little-known fact: Tom Cruis's real name is also Scott Weinstein. So is Lady Gaga's), do a song-and-dance number in an epic web ad for his campaign.

"I am a very artsy person, and I was able to do a lot with this video," Leigh tells the Daily Caller.

His father is quick to point out Scott was a jock in high school, though, just in case you had any funny ideas: "He wrestled in school but got back into entertainment as an adult... all you have to do is give him a topic and he will write a song!"

In order to attract the Republican voters of North Florida, Leigh used techniques commonly found in children's music, such as "repetition, enunciation, and easy words."

We are really surprised Leigh could find that many back-up dancers to promote a party that opposes gay marriage and adoption.

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