Florida Police Union Calls Gov. Rick Scott a "Shithead" In Secret Newsletter Message

Time and again, Florida's Police Benevolent Association has asked Gov. Rick Scott to write for its union newsletter, the Roll Call. Over and over, Scott has ignored the PBA (which, to be fair, did campaign heavily against the governor.) So the union took the mature, adult tact and wrote a respectful editorial reproaching Scott for his bad manners.

Just kidding! In fact, the pissed off police leaders embedded a secret message to Scott that calls the governor a "shithead."

The latest issue of Roll Call includes a section headlined "Guest Article From Your Governor of Florida." Instead of a guest column, though, there's this message from the editor:

"Since Rick Scott became Governor, we have requested multiple times that he write a guest article for this newsletter. While we know he and/or his staff receives our e-mail requests, we have yet to receive any kind of response from him."

The column then includes this gem culled straight from the worst kind of pranks at your high school yearbook:

If you

would like to know what we really think of the Governor and

the staff member who refuses our requests, go back to page

four and write down the first letter of each paragraph.

Try it yourself! Check out PBA executive director Matt Puckett's column on page 4. Put those first letters together!

RC March 2012

Yep, this is the elevated discourse shaping the future of the Sunshine State. We'll look for Rick Scott's rebuttal in his next State of the State -- just put together the third word of every first paragraph to find out what Scott thinks of Puckett's mom.

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