Florida Man Who Stuffed Kittens In Freezer Is Also Roommates With Double-Shooting Suspect

Rodney Blanchard had already solidified his bid for "Worst Person In Florida" when police came to his mobile home this weekend to find that he'd stuffed four live kittens into plastic bags and trapped them in his freezer. But this is Florida, and Blanchard knew he faced stiff competition.

Today, he upped the ante. Turns out Blanchard's roommate is the prime suspect in a gruesome double-shooting -- and police believe Blanchard's son helped the shooter lure the victims outside before they were gunned down.

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-- Florida Man Arrested After Four Kittens Found In His Freezer

The shooting went down on Saturday morning at the Sunshine Mobile Home Park outside St. Petersburg where a man and a woman -- whom police have yet to identify -- were shot outside their trailer.

The gunman, police now say, was 55-year-old Francis Bahr -- Blanchard's roommate at the nearby Vagabond Mobile Home Park. Bahr was hoping to date the woman and shot the couple when he was rebuffed, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

Even worse, Blanchard's 24-year-old son, Damian, is now accused of helping Bahr set up the shooting by luring the couple out of their trailer before the assault. Police arrested the younger Blanchard on Monday -- about 24 hours after his father was booked after an acquaintance found the live kittens stuffed in his freezer while looking for a beer.

That situation led to one of the Florida-iest sentences ever to appear in a crime story, via the Tampa Bay Times:

It is unclear whether (Damian) Blanchard knew that less than 24 hours earlier, someone had found a bunch of kittens in his freezer.
Florida! Hooray!

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