Florida Man Ends Burglary Spree By Falling Asleep on Last Victim's Couch

Duane Immich had quite a busy night, yes he did. Lil' guy spent all night robbing four separate houses and a car, but by the time he made his last stop of the night, he was so tuckered out he just decided to pull a blanket over himself and pass out right on the victim's couch.

According to WFTV, Judith Smolinski of Lake County woke up to make herself coffee on Tuesday morning when she heard some unfamiliar snoring coming from the living room.

"I walked in the living room and there was a strange man on my couch curled up, covered up with my blanket," Smolinski told the station.

The 26-year-old burglar was passed out, covered in her blanket, and had even helped himself to a beer from Smolinski's fridge.

Smolinski didn't try to wake him, but instead called police. An officer arrived and removed the blanket from Immich only to discover that he had fallen asleep with a butcher knife from Smolinski's kitchen in his hands.

Immich awoke after the blanket removal and was promptly arrested.

Police found evidence that linked him to three previous home burglaries and a car break-in.

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