Florida Man Broke Baby's Leg Because Its Diaper Changing Interrupted His Xbox Session

A gaming addict is facing aggregated child abuse charges after he broke a baby's leg because its diaper changing interrupted his Xbox session.

Paul Lajeunesse, a 20-year-old resident of Hernando, Florida, lives at home with the child's mother and his grandmother. His grandmother told WTSP that he rarely leaves the house and does not work.

The child's mother attends school, so the grandmother is the primary caretaker during the day. She often asked Lajeunesse to help out but had become worried because he often acted rough and impatient with the child.

On December 11, the grandmother asked Lajeunesse to change the child's diaper while he was in the middle of an Xbox session. Lajeunesse was upset about being interrupted. When he lifted the baby's legs, he heard a pop, and the child's right leg went limp. He alerted grandma. The child was taken to the hospital but has since been released.

Officials didn't specify what the child's relationship to Lajeunesse is, though a Facebook profile apparently hacked by a woman calling himself his "baby girl" in April includes the message, "I don't like you talking to all these bitches... your [sic] a dad and you need to grow up." However, we can't totally confirm if these two Paul Lajeunesses from Citrus County, Florida, are the same person.

Paul Lajeunesse was charged with aggravated child assault and has been ordered not to have contact with the child.

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