Florida Legislature Protects Gun Owners' Adoption Rights, Still Doesn't Care About Gays

A senseless bill that would prevent adoption agencies from discriminating against gun owners overwhelming passed the state legislature, and is headed to Gov. Charlie Crist's desk.

The problem: there's absolutely no evidence that prospective adoptive parents in Florida have ever been "discriminated" against based on gun ownership, and as The Post reports, "even those who voted for it, said the measure fixes a problem that no longer exists."

Florida has enough problems that the legislature doesn't need to be spending any time on fixing things that don't even need it.

Not to mention the mind boggling hypocrisy of the bill. The Sunshine State is the only state that expressly discriminates against prospective parents based on their sexual orientation.

The bill was sponsored by Republican Rep. Mike Horner, who while inquiring about adopting a child, was asked if he owned a gun. This set off a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory in his mind that the state could start a secret database of gun owners, or that gun owners could be turned away from adoption agencies.

State Officials say neither problem actually exists.

Meanwhile, gays and lesbians are still forbidden from adopting in Florida.

The bill passed the house unanimously, and only two senators voted against it: Frederica Wilson of Miami and Ted Deutch of Boca Raton, both Democrats.

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Kyle Munzenrieder