Florida Foot Fetishist Arrested After Apologizing for Touching Neighbor's Feet While She Slept

Well, you can't say Salvatore Louise Pascucci isn't a pervert without manners. The 26-year-old Port Charlotte man developed a crush on his 36-year-old neighbor and decided the best thing to do was to break into her home late at night and put his hand on her thigh and feet while she slept. He returned the next day to apologize, only to get arrested.

Pascucci often watched the woman bicycle past his house and decided he wanted to be her boyfriend. Rather than introduce himself the old-fashioned way, he climbed through her laundry room window Friday at 1 a.m. He made his way into her bedroom and put his hand on her inner thigh and feet.

The woman awoke to a cold hand on her body and yelled at Pascucci. He left the house, and she called police. But when officers arrived, they were unable to locate the perp.

The next afternoon, the woman, who lives alone, was sitting on her porch with family members when Pascucci came up to apologize. Of course, the victim ran into the house and called police. They arrived and arrested Pascucci.

According to the Fort Myers News-Press, Pascucci said he thought the woman was pretty and wanted to be her boyfriend. He also said he had a fetish for touching women. Which seems to stretch the concept of a fetish, but all right. He also said he had a special thing for feet and touched the woman's feet several times that night before she woke up.

He's being charged with burglary to an occupied dwelling with battery.

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