Florida Family Association Boycotts Target For Not Hating Homosexuals Enough

Florida Family Association, one of these "morality" groups that's pretty much a soap box for some guy named David Canton, has decided to call for a boycott of Target because *gasp* they don't think gay teens should kill themselves. See, Target is one of the main advertisers on TeenNick show Degrassi, which over the years has included several GLBT characters and recently aired a spot supporting the Trevor Project. The Trevor Project describes itself as "the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth."

The Trevor Project PSA aired during an episode in which the school's star quarterback looks into a "cure" for his homosexuality before deciding to accept his orientation. Oddly, the episode originally aired in 2009, but the FFA didn't take action until last Friday.

"Degrassi is one of the most shameful shows on television because of the inappropriate content that intentionally targets our youth," writes the FFA.

But why call for a boycott on Target and not, say, TeenNick?

"Target is the only major retail chain that is advertising during this shameful show," says the release.

Oddly, you may remember last year gay activists threatened to boycott Target because it made donations to anti-gay politicians.

But lets get this straight. David Canton think would rather people not shop at Target then prevent suicide? For a morality group, that sure doesn't sound too moral.

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Kyle Munzenrieder