Florida Elementary School Principal Busted for Providing Meth to Undercover Cops

David Groover, an elementary school principal in Osceola County, has been arrested on charges of providing methamphetamine and GHB to undercover cops. The 43-year-old educator now faces charges on multiple drug-related crimes. It's not his first run in with the law while serving as principal. While principal at Partin Settlement Elementary in Kissimmee, he was charged with a DUI in 2009 but was acquitted by a jury.

Osceola Sheriff's deputies received reports of drug activity at Groover's home and launched an undercover investigation. According to WESH, Groover did not necessarily sell drugs to undercover officer, but did however provide them with meth and GHB. The undercover cop arrived at this home, and Groover took out a bottle of "G" (GHB) and then a glass pipe filled with "Tina" (meth), police say.

A search of his home turned up other drugs.

In addition to the delivery charges, Groover is also charged with possession of meth, GHB, 1.2 grams of marijuana found in a blunt, and two vials of an anabolic steroid.

Groover has bonded out and refuses to talk about the arrest with the Associated Press.

The Osceola County School District has reassigned Groover to a position where he will not have contact with students and is conducting its own investigation. Groover has worked for the school district since 1992, and has served as a teacher, dean, and assistant principal. He was appointed principal of the elementary school in 2006.

Good Lord, can you imagine finding out your principal was busted on serious drug charges while in elementary school? The elementary school principal is supposed to be some kind, cool figure that puts you off the track of hating and distrusting authority figures until you at least get to middle school. He's supposed to show up at  pizza and ice cream parties and field day and fun things like that. You learn the difference between the words "principle" and "principal" because your principal is your pal.

My high school principal was fired after he sent sexually explicit emails from his work address to a woman that included talk about the possibility of reaching orgasm while she was on the back of his motorcycle. My high school band teacher is in jail for the statutory rape of an 11-year-old boy he met in jail. A school board member whose son I had classes with killed himself after being charged with molesting a young boy. (I went to high school in Naples, by the way, which somehow manages to out-scandal Miami-Dade in a big way from time to time.) That stuff actually didn't even come to light until I was in college. I still couldn't deal with it. Teachers are not supposed to be evil like that. I'm not sure if I could have ever quite recovered if similar stuff went down in elementary school.

The world is evil, kids, and people do bad things. Sorry you had to get clued into it so early.

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