Florida Couple Busted Sneaking Into Heat Finals With Bogus, Homemade Media Passes UPDATE

Forget LeBron. We're going to go ahead and call James and Ruth Kauff the true heroes of the Miami Heat's NBA Finals run.

The Deerfield husband and wife were arrested at the Finals Game 4 against the since-vanquished Oklahoma Thunder after American Airlines Arena security busted them trying to use homemade media passes, according to a just-released police report.

The media passes read "Media Miami Heat" and had their photos pasted on.

When Miami police arrested 60-year-old James and 52-year-old Ruth at the stadium, they also found a baggie of thirteen pills in the wife's possession. The Kauffs allegedly blurted: "Those pills are oxycodone."

They were both charged with the misdemeanors of possession of a fraudulent ticket and trespassing after warning, and Ruth was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance. They were released after paying a total of $9,000 in bond.

But here's the really weird thing. As the police report notes, "both defendants had individual tickets to the game." They had legal seating. But apparently they wanted to ... interview a naked Juwan Howard in the locker room after the game? Chow at the sad nachos and cheese station given to reporters?

Whatever their plan was, it didn't work out -- unless you factor in that their brazen awesomeness probably had a cosmic effect on the Heat which caused them to shut down the Thunder that game and in Game 5 to win it all. The Kauffs are our rally monkeys.

Mr. Kauff is apparently a social worker in Boca Raton. We left a message for him at his office seeking comment. Update: The Kauffs' attorney, Bruce Lehr, called to say: "It is a giant misunderstanding, and I am sure it will all go away." He declined to speak in more detail.

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Gus Garcia-Roberts