Florida Burglars Busted for Casing House, Advertising Its Contents for Sale on Facebook

Give the Florida trio of Carlos Rivera and Leandre and Jordan Green credit: They've reinvented burglary for the internet age. Instead of busting into a house and taking everything willy-nilly, the crooks broke in, took photos, and then advertised the house's contents for sale online. When they found a buyer, they planned to break in again and swipe the desired items.

The scheme was derailed, though, when a neighbor noticed the group returning to the house. Police caught the trio and -- in the obvious downside of their internet scheme -- quickly found the Facebook photos from their last break-in.

Sometime last month, the three men broke into a house near Palatka in Putnam County, south of Jacksonville. Once inside, they took pictures of everything from the fridge to the stove to the kitchen table and then posted the photos on Facebook:

Last week, they found a buyer for the fridge and headed back to the home, the Putnam County Sheriff's Office says.

But the web-fueled crime ring was foiled when a neighbor spotted them breaking in a second time and called the cops. Rivera and Leandre Green were arrested on the spot, while Jordan Green ran from police before he was nabbed.

All three now face burglary and grand theft charges. No word on whether any angel investors are lining up to fund their web start-up concept just yet.

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