Florida: All Kinds of Available Whores

Adult Video News, the nation's premier trade publication for the adult industry, has a big cover story on Florida in the latest edition. It's the "new porn hot spot," according to the story:

"Believe it or not, what we do here is accepted," says Craig Valentine, whose New Porn Order company is working on a project called Miami Rump Shakerz. "People don't look down upon what we do here."

Despite the friendly, uh, climate, we have not had a single Penthouse Pet from South Florida in four years.

But one gentleman named Max Hardcore, interviewed at the Internext convention in Hollywood, Fla., scoffed at the idea that Florida is the the Next Big Thing for the adult industry. "South Florida has all these girls who are shaking their asses at strip clubs and doing privates, but they just can't seem to get it together when it come to any kind of serious adult industry. There are all kinds of strip clubs and all kinds of available whores, but they're just not getting into the business."

All kinds of available whores. And to think that instead of getting a master's degree in women's studies, I moved to Miami. The mind reels.

-Tamara Lush

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