Five Reasons It's Totally OK To Boo LeBron James Tonight

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5. People outside of Miami wildly overestimate how much Miami cares about their opinion of Miami

Let me get this straight, the same people that take every possible opportunity to take a shot at the city of Miami as a sports town are now asking said city to "be nice" and "have some class"? It's obvious to me at this point that the national media has about as much a clue as to how much Miami cares about what they think of us, as they do where the Miami Heat actually play. Hot tip, the answer isn't South Beach.

If your hot take as to why Miami Heat fans shouldn't boo LeBron James has anything to do with how that might make them look, you better rethink that hypothesis -- we don't care.

4. Just because the rest of America ate up the "I'm Coming Home" public relations coup, doesn't mean Miami did.

Listen, Miami is the Ponzi scheme capital of the world -- we can smell a rat. LeBron left Miami after four straight NBA Finals appearances because he saw the perfect opportunity to go back home and play with better, younger, teammates; if you believe anything else I have a nice plot of land in the Everglades to sell you cheap. We don't knock the hustle here in Miami, we just like people to own it.

Everyone wants to compare Miami to a mistress that's angry LeBron went back to his wife, but they fail to realize Miami is married to the Heat just as much as LeBron is married to the city of Cleveland; we were using him just as much as he was using us. If you want to use that analogy for the one-thousandth time just make sure you work in the details of the affair, because only one of us picked up and moved across the country to move-in with their ex; and last time I checked, the Miami Heat still play on Bayside.

3. You might find it petty, but Miami Heat fans are still pissed off LeBron never thanked them. Yes, we are salty.

How soon people forget just how much the rest of the country hated LeBron James when he came to Miami. It was borderline psychotic at some points. Of course Miami Heat fans had good reason to point and laugh at all the people bashing LeBron when he abruptly left Cleveland, because he was ours now! Still, Miami Heat fan spent four-long-years supporting LeBron when the rest of the world hated him; and he has never acknowledged their support.

You might say it's petty wondering aloud why LeBron has yet to publicly thank the Miami Heat fans like so many other athletes do when they leave an organization. But it's weird that it hasn't happen yet -- hell, he even gave his Cleveland neighbors cupcakes because people were parked outside their house! We get nothing?!

At least we own our saltiness.

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