Five Important People Paid Less Than Carlos Gimenez's Chief of Staff

​Times are tough in Miami-Dade. But before Mayor Carlos Gimenez proposed closing 13 libraries to cut costs, he hired Genaro "Chip" Iglesias to be his chief of staff and "deputy mayor," at the price tag of $225,000 per year. And blogger Elaine de Valle reports there could be more deputy mayors in the pipeline.

It's easy to lose track of numbers when one is talking about government -- a $350 million cut here, a $1 billion tunnel there -- but if "$4,327 per week, excluding benefits" isn't enough to put it into perspective, here's a list of five important people who make less than the mayor's chief of staff.

5. The governor's chief of staff

Recently hired Steve MacNamara, formerly the chief of staff to Florida Senate president and acclaimed author Mike Haridopolos, will pull down $189,000 a year working for Gov. Rick Scott, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Hell, the Ghastly Gov himself would only make $130,000 a year if he took a salary.

4. The president's chief of staff

Bill Daley will make $170,000 this year overseeing President Barack Obama's people, according to the New York Times. He's probably just doing it to eventually wrangle that promotion to Miami-Dade deputy mayor.

3. Three astronauts combined

Yes, the men and women whom we're catapulting into space make less than a third of Chip Iglesias's new salary. NASA reports the astronaut payscale starts around $65,000.

But they're just strapping themselves to a giant explosive and going so far away from home that they FLOAT AROUND when they get there. Iglesias has to, you know, arrange schedules. And oversee stuff.

2. The chief justice of the United States

Big Johnny Roberts made $217,400 in 2010 as our nation's top judicial officer, though that doesn't account for the beer Roberts probably had to buy the president after he mangled Obama's oath of office.

1. The speaker of the House, and the president pro temp of the Senate, and every other member of Congress

The only member of the United States Legislative Branch who makes more than Chip Iglesias is Vice President Joe Biden, and that's only because he's technically president of the Senate. And even then, Biden only wins by five grand.

It might not be a fair comparison because of all that free food Biden gets, but when the second fiddle to a South Florida mayor is making more than everyone in Congress (and the president's cabinet, minus Biden), it makes one wonder who's keeping an eye on the checkbook.

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