Fire Blazes Through Overtown Apartment Building

Several families were left without shelter after an early morning fire broke out in an apartment building near the corner of NW 3rd Avenue and 11th Terrace in Overtown.

According to Channel 10, the fire alarms failed to go off after a second floor apartment caught fire, forcing residents to bang on doors to let each other know of the blaze. One woman reportedly saved three residents from the fire after she made sure her 1-year old was safely outside. It's still not clear what started the fire.

  • A maid at Miami International Airport Hotel was given a $100 reward after she returned $6,000 left by guests of the room she was cleaning. The hotel tracked down the guests, who were missionaries, and returned the money which reportedly was going to Haiti relief efforts. [NBC]
  • Police arrested Jeffrey Feld, the 65-year old dirt bag, who allegedly slapped a 3-year old girl in front of her mother in the elevator of a Surfside Publix in mid-May. An anonymous tip led police to Feld after renderings of the suspect had been posted throughout town. [Channel 10]
  • A stuffed water buffalo head fell from a wall and landed on the lap of a man as he slept in a recliner chair in Islamorada early Friday morning. The man had to call 911 to get police to help him get the head off of him. [WSVN]
  • The Miami-Dade Health Department lifted the swim warning it issued for Matheson Hammock's Atoll Pool earlier this week. [CBS4]
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