Fidel? Dead Again?

Fidel Castro is dying. Again.

For those who don't know, Spanish newspaper El Pais is reporting that Castro has had at least three failed operations and complications stemming from an intestinal operation and faces a "grave prognosis." The newspaper says that after one operation, feces leaked into Fidel's abdomen.

But that's not really news, not in these parts. Everyone in Miami has known for years that Castro is full of shit. What's interesting is how the media is treating this latest round of gossip. Nearly all of the world's media is using the El Pais article as the source — but everyone is putting a decidedly different spin in the headlines.

Australia's Melbourne Herald Sun screams, "Fidel Castro on Death's Door."

The Scotsman reports "Hopes Fade for 'Very Grave' Castro After Operations Fail."

Canada's National Post is very matter of fact: "Castro Had 3 Failed Surgeries, Paper Says."

The New York Times stays away from the hype: "Castro Impaired by 3 Surgeries."

The Miami Herald uses the same headline as many other outlets: "Castro in 'Grave' Condition." (The newspaper then quoted a local doctor saying Fidelito has ''80 to 95 percent chance of dying. '' Duh!)

A Russian news agency tries to spin it forward: "Cuba on the Eve of Change." (How many times have you seen that headline?)

Granma, the state-run newspaper in Cuba, has no news of Fidel's health.

Our favorite, however, comes from Babalublog: "Esta es tu caca, Fidel!"

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.