FHP Finds Driver Passed Out in SUV With a 100 Pounds of Marijuana

A Florida Road Ranger, one of those helpful services that give free assistance to highway motorists with car troubles, stopped to offer help last night to a driver who had pulled over near the median of the Palmetto Expressway. He found the driver asleep at the wheel, and oh yeah, 100 pounds worth of barely concealed marijuana plants in the back of his Chevy SUV.

The incident happened last night around 7 p.m. near a stretch of the expressway near 36th Street in Doral. When the road ranger awoke the man from his highway-side slumber, the man tried to offer him a few hundred bucks to drive him somewhere safe. Unsurprisingly, the drive had a record and was on probation.

Road Rangers may be helpful, but they're not that helpful. Instead, the Florida Highway Patrol was called.

"It's not everyday that you walk up to a car that is literally loaded with marijuana," Lt. Alex Annunziato tells NBCMiami.

Of course, considering the man had enough to balls to pull over on the highway with a pretty visible cargo of cannabis, he wasn't going to stick around and be arrested.

"As soon as he saw the trooper, he knew what was gonna happen," said Annunziato. "This gentleman jumps the median wall and literally crosses the four lanes of northbound highway traffic and down the embankment."

The driver is still on the run, and is described as a Hispanic man in his 30s, around 5'6 with tattoos on his upper arm and was last scene in a black shirt and jeans.

[NBCMiami: Dopey Driver Found Passed Out in Car Packed With Pot]

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