FEC Fines Forbes

The Florida Elections Commission socked Kentward Forbes with $13,100 in fines for breaking state law governing political campaigns. The ruling was released this past June 1. Forbes did not attend the FEC’s meeting this past May 16 to defend himself. He declined comment.

Last year, the Redland community activist had formed a a political action committee to recall Redland Community Councilwoman Patricia Wade. The PAC (Forbes was chairman and treasurer) raised $3,500 and spent $3,463 before abandoning its mission this past October.

Under oath, Forbes admitted to FEC investigators he had cashed $2,200 from the PAC’s bank account and reported it as “compensation,” but that he actually used the money to pay petition gatherers, which is prohibited under state law. Another $500 expense for “printed materials” was also used to pay workers. Forbes was supposed to pay each employee with a check and list their names on the PAC’s financial report to the state.

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According to the investigator’s report, Forbes “deliberately attempted to hide from the public, the names of individuals who were working for and being paid by the committee.” -- Francisco Alvarado

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