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Faux Hawked Kendall Hair Dresser is Shear Genius

Considering the all around failure of our sports teams, those who like to root, root, root for the home team may have better luck switching over to frivolous Bravo reality competition shows. I don't know what would be more humiliating for Dolphins fans: last season or their friends finding out they spend every Wednesday night alone with a bottle of boxed wine intimately involved with a show about cutting hair. But hey, at least in the latter case they'd see someone from Miami win.

Dee Adames, the faux-hawked artistic director of Kendall's Peter of London salon, took home top honors on Shear Genius last night. She out-cut, out-dyed and out-hairsprayed 11 other stylists and won a chance to do hair for a spread in Allure magazine, $100,000, and the satisfaction of beating this season's bitchy villain, Charlie.

The final challenge involved telling the story of a woman's life through her hair. Stylists were assigned to four models of various ages with the same hair color. Dee's story started off with an aspiring flame-haired rocker and ended with a grandma who prefers her grandkids call her "Mama Red." The more I think about starting out life as a rock'n'roller and ending it as a quirky suburban grandma, the sadder I get. But plastic faced Kim Vo and the rest of the judges deemed her work "Shear Genius." Click the more button to see a video of Dee reveling in all her scissor snipping glory.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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