Faux-bama: Channel 41's Doppelganger Sensation

Cuban immigrant and Miami Lakes resident Gerardo Puisseaux looks a lot like Barack Obama. So he did the only logical thing: He drove to the studios of Channel 41, Spanish-language network América TeVé, and asked for a job from the first person to walk through the front doors. And América TeVé did the only logical thing: It put Puisseaux in a presidential suit, with a couple of fake Secret Service agents, and paraded him around until women cried on his shoulders. They even took Faux-bama, as we like to call him, to Denver for the Democratic National Convention, where he was overwhelmed by a veritable shit-storm of mistaken adulation. So New Times, in turn, did the only logical thing: We devoted a feature to Puisseaux.

It's out on Wednesday. For a Faux-bama primer, check out the video above from América TeVé taking Puisseaux out on the town. We took Puisseaux out ourselves, but we're saving our video for the big shebang.

-- Gus Garcia-Roberts

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