FAU's Student Magazine Is Really Blunt About Its Football Team's Chances Against Miami

College football season is finally upon us. Frat boys are scouring Party City for the perfect shade of body paint. Sorority girls are looking up ways on Pinterest to artfully cut up free pep rally T-shirts into midriff-baring tanks. Students everywhere are stocking up on Natty Lite. Excitement is rippling through most Division I campuses.

Except, apparently, at Florida Atlantic University. The FAU Owls will play the Miami Hurricanes in both schools' season opener tomorrow, and FAU's student press is really blunt about how the game will turn out.

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FAU student journalists just don't have time for "look on the bright side" headlines. Compare that to these headlines from campuses with lesser football teams taking on powerhouses they're sure to lose to.

"Rainbow Warrior Offense Looks for a Fresh Start" - KaLeo, University of Hawaii (agains USC)

"Toledo Rockets Set to Begin Season in Showdown With No. 10 Florida Gators" - The Independent Collegian, University of Toledo

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"Notre Dame Awaits Owls" - The Temple News

FAU is just going with the straight-up "Yo, We Gonna Lose."

Well, journalism is about telling the truth, so bravo to them.

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