Father Cutié: Yes, It Was a Sexual Relationship, But He's Not The Anti-Celibacy Poster Boy

To whom does a celebrity priest confess? Well, besides God, apparently the public. Father Alberto Cutié, who was caught in paparazzi photos caressing a woman on a beach, is making the media rounds. On Friday he did an interview with Univision, and this morning he appeared on CBS's Early Show, sans collar, for his first English television interview since the scandal hit. Here's the rundown of his confession:

  • Yes, the relationship was of a sexual nature.
  • This is the only sexual relationship he's had since becoming a priest.
  • He's been friends with the woman for years, and the relationship has been romantic for the past couple years. 
  • He is currently thinking about leaving the priesthood for marriage and to start a family. 
  • He loves her.
  • He doesn't think celibacy should be done away with just yet, and doesn't want to be the poster boy for anti-celibacy. However, he thinks maybe the vow should be optional. 
  • He's not ready to announce if he's leaving the Catholic Church. 
The full video of the CBS interview with Maggie Rodriguez is after the cut. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder