Fairchild Garden's Website Has Been Hacked! WTF?

First Brit Brit's Twitter account, and now funny things are happening with the website of our very own Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Up until a few minutes ago, if you visited the site, you'd find shots of a jovial, 20-something woman posing in what looks to be a junky dorm room. Dressed in jeans and a taupe blouse, she thrusts her fists into the air in a gesture of jubilant triumph, poses with a dippy grin and her hands on her hips, and then talks to an imaginary friend and poses in deep hand-on-chin thought. Who is this photogenic woman and why was she all over the garden's website? The heading read "To Charles and Susan" and "From Your Loving Children," so perhaps it was a sweet gift of a practical joke meant for Charles (nephew of Fairchild founder, David) and his wife Susan -- but we don't even know if his wife's name is Susan. This is a mystery; cue the CSI music.

The operator at Fairchild didn't have a computer in "her little corner," so she had no idea what Riptide was talking about when we phoned, but if you want to know what time the garden opens or how much they'll charge you for a flowering palm tree, give her a call.

More pics after the jump.

Update: The site has been fixed. The mystery of the smiling woman remains unsolved.

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Raina McLeod
Contact: Raina McLeod