Fahrenheit 2007?

Laura Lopez, a mother from West Palm Beach, recently attempted to ban books that she deemed objectionable from public schools.

Thankfully, the Palm Beach County School Board shot down Lopez’s case, in which she claimed that students were being taught lies, such as The Big Bang Theory.

Frank Cerabino from the Palm Beach Post issued a humorous response to this unfortunate debacle, in which he sympathizes with Lopez’s disgust with certain books:

I once forced myself to read a collection of Ann Coulter's political rants, and since then, just the sight of one of her book covers makes me actually stick my tongue out and emit an involuntary gagging sound at the dust jacket photo. I'm not proud of it, but it happens.

Seriously, though. Am I the only person surprised by this woman’s case in support of censorship? I should be relieved that she failed miserably in her attempt, but I’m just baffled. It astonishes me that people can even suggest this sort of thing in the 21st century.

To read the article, go here. --Lauren Papiernik

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