Every State Has Snowfall Except for Florida

The weather God has set Florida up with an unbelievable tourism PR opportunity: It has snowed in every state in the union except, fittingly, the Sunshine State. Yep, even Hawaii has some snow flakes present on its Mauna Kea volcano, but Florida remains frost free.

According to CNN, 69.4 percent of the lower 48 is covered in the white stuff. Even our fellow Southern states find themselves covered.

It's like the weather God started shouting, "You get some snow! And you get some snow! And you get some snow! Everybody gets some snow!!!! ...Except for Florida. No snow for you." (Yes, we imagine all God-like entities talk like Oprah.)

Here's a map of snowfall on the continuous 48:

A similar event happened last year, but Florida's panhandle saw some snowfall, while Hawaii remained snowless. Though, as anyone who's been outside today has noticed, temperatures did drop a bit overnight here in Miami, but highs should be back in the 70s by the weekend.

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Kyle Munzenrieder