Even Marco Rubio and Bill McCollum Don't Like Arizona's Immigration Laws

Last night, The Daily Show pointed out that even Tom Tancredo, one of the most zealous anti-immigration politicians and the man who called Miami a "third-world" country, didn't approve of Arizona's harsh new immigration laws. Now two of Florida's own uber-conservatives, who happen to be the front-runners for the top of the 2010 ticket, have aired some grievances with the laws that require local police to ask for papers on the spot from anyone they suspect of being in the country illegally.

Marco Rubio, the likely Republican senate nominee and child of Cuban refugees, released a statement today saying he is concerned with  with the potentially unreasonable effects of Arizona's new immigration law.

"From what I have read in news reports, I do have concerns about this legislation," wrote Rubio. "While I don't believe Arizona's policy was based on anything other than trying to get a handle on our broken borders, I think aspects of the law, especially that dealing with 'reasonable suspicion,' are going to put our law enforcement officers in an incredibly difficult position. It could also unreasonably single out people who are here legally, including many American citizens. Throughout American history and throughout this administration we have seen that when government is given an inch it takes a mile."

Rubio then called for congress and the Obama administration to secure the borders, reform entry policies, and crack down on employers who exploit illegal immigrants. Though, he hoped it would not be taken "as an excuse to try and jam through amnesty legislation." Click here to read Rubio's full statement.

Meanwhile, Florida's attorney general and likely gubernatorial nominee Bill McCollum also says he doesn't see a bill like this coming up in Florida.

"I think Arizona has its own unique problems. I don't think Florida should enact laws like this - quite that far out," McCollum said according to Naked Politics.

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