Elizabeth Edwards to Speak at Nova: Herald Has "No Interest in Hearing What This Shrew Has to Say"

Elizabeth Edwards is scheduled to speak at Nova South Eastern University tomorrow night, in an event open to students and faculty and closed to the general public.

That's interesting in itself, considering her slime ball of an estranged-husband Sen. John Edwards fathered a child with his mistress while she was going through a very public battle with cancer and all the while publicly supporting his failed presidential bid. [Side bar: what is the deal with vice presidential candidates turning out to be just horrible in one way or another: Lieberman, Palin, Edwards...]

We learned this from the Herald's website where we also learned that someone has "No interest in hearing what this shrew has to say." We also found out that we can win a $100 Target gift card by simply registering on Sun-Sentinel.com. It's all right there in the copy. Screen cap below.

Wait, what? Under the story-sharing agreement between the Herald, Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post the three papers are allowed to literally copy & paste some stories from another website onto their own. Unfortunately it seems like in this case they got a little sloppy copying from the Sentinel's site with comments and promo copy intact.

Plus, you can always count on South Florida newspaper commenters to bring the class.

We were just thinking the other day, in the wake of the Gerald Posner and New York Times plagiarizing mini-scandals, we'd rather let the "warp-speed of the net" lead us to a few embarrassing spelling, grammatical or formatting errors, but that's not going to stop us from snickering when it happens to someone else.

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