eBay User Who Bid $1 Million For Casey Anthony Mask Just Wanted to Scold Seller

Remember last week, when a latex mask of accused murderer Casey Anthony garnered a top bid of $999,900 on eBay?

Yeah, that didn't make any sense. Today, it does: The purported buyer just wanted to scold the seller in eBay's feedback section.

Maverick online-auction-manipulator jnco6970 gave seller prophunter "neutral" feedback-- ooh, burn!-- and wrote: "You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to profit off a childs death!!!"

We're assuming Jnco6970 will not be forking over the million clams for the latex mask. And though eBay auctions are then supposed to go to next-highest bidder, we're also a bit dubious about the people who placed high bids of $999,800, $900,200, $900,000, $700,000... you know, we do believe the guy who bid $150, even though even that's a little weird.

Apparently, this was a kamikaze move by the million-dollar bidder: jnco6970 is no longer a registered eBay user. It put an end to a vibrant career on the auction site, where he had a feedback rating of 81 and once reviewed the Playstation game Legend of Legaia:

i purchased game for a employee at my job. he wanted it, gave me money, i got it for him. his words about this game: He played it a long time ago, he liked it, fell in love with it while playing it and wanted it when he heard i shop on ebay since its something he doesnt do.

Jnco6970, American hero.

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