"Eat Ass" Listed as Woman's Address on Florida Driver's License

A Florida driver's license has been making the Internet rounds because it accidentally lists the driver's address simply as "Eat Ass." Yesterday we saw a version with her face and information blurred out. Originally we thought maybe it was Ann Coulter, but the birthday was 1979 (we all know Ann was born in 1792 and has been kept alive by drinking the tears of young immigrant single mothers).

Turns out it's actually the license of Ashlee Lineberger of Englewood, who received the license after requesting a renewal be sent to her. When she went to the DMV to notify them of the mistake, she was told she'd have to pay for a new one and was greeted with laughter, but the state eventually agreed to give her a new one free of charge.

The mistake is understandable considering Lineberger actually lives on Rim Job Road. Just kidding, she lives off the Salad Tossing Turnpike. Just kidding, she lives on the Hershey Highway. Just kidding, she lives on Analingus Avenue in apartment number A2M.

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Kyle Munzenrieder