Dwaynesha White Chased Down and Shot Miami Man for Refusing to Pay for Sex

Dwaynesha White was not about to give her goodies away for free during the holidays. The 22-year-old set up an appointment with 19-year-old David Roberts of Miami at her Hollywood apartment to exchange sex for money. But after the deed was done, White went to the bathroom to clean up. That's when Roberts bolted.

White was not going to stand for being stiffed.

According to Local 10, Roberts began walking down Hollywood Boulevard when a car pulled up behind him. White jumped out and said, "Give me money or I'll shoot." Roberts put both hands up with his wallet in one. White grabbed the money but apparently wasn't satisfied.

She went back into the car and pulled out a silver pistol. She continued to threaten to shoot Roberts. Despite having his wallet, she fired a shot into his right abdomen. She then took off with the wallet, which had less than $300 in it.

Roberts made it to a Goodyear tire store and called police around 1:30 in the afternoon. He explained what had happened, including the part about failing to pay for prostitution. He was taken to Memorial Hospital in stable condition and later discharged.

He gave police directions to White's home. She wasn't in at the time, but they found her there a little while later. She admitted to being a "call girl" and explained she had been busy taking appointments all day, but Roberts later identified her as his assailant. White was charged with armed robbery.

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