Doug Giles' Anti-Muslim Rant Comes Complete With Singing Skunk Puppet

Remember Doug Giles? He's the father of "ACORN ho" Hannah Giles, an aspiring conservative talking head, and senior pastor of Aventura's Clash Church. Giles has always been unhinged, but his latest video is a bigoted, ignorant hate fest that attacks Muslims and undermines America's freedom of religion. And, oh, yeah, it also prominently features a singing skunk puppet that we're sure makes John Lennon role over in his grave.

There are so many things that are just flat out wrong with this video, and yet we are only left with questions:

  • If Doug Giles seemingly loves America so much, why does he refer to our "effeminate, politically correct American culture?" That is in an insult to America in our book.
  • Is he aware that not all Americans love Pepsi (we love Diet Coke) and that not very many Muslims love death?
  • Why is there a singing skunk?
  • Why is the skunk singing along to John Lennon's "Imagine," which is anti-nationalist, anti-religious and anti-capitalist song, to prove a nationalist, religious, capitalist point?
  • Why we conceed that things like Ford, Chevy, baseball and hotdogs are very American, they are not as American (as protected in our Bill of Rights) as freedom of religion. Does Doug Giles know this country was founded on religion freedom and not hotdogs?
  • Why is he surrounded by booze? Was he drunk during the filming and conception of this?
  • He says Europe's heydays are over, but is he aware that the Euro is actually stronger than the dollar right now?
  • Most importantly, is Giles at all aware that the vast majority of Muslims are not anti-American extremists?

The only thing we can say to this is that as long as Americans are allowed to exercise their freedom of speech by uploading videos of singing skunk puppets to YouTube we think that's evidence enough that America is as strong as ever. USA! USA! USA!

[Wonkette: Bro Dude and Skunk Teach America About 'Muslim Mayhem']

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.