Don't You Think Jeb Bush Should Just Go Away?

So this Jeb Bush character wants to be our Senator, aye? What has he ever done for us? Oh, he was our Governor. Great, great. He was also the brother of that one guy, what is his name? I think he was the President for a little while, maybe. I can't remember, everyone has forgotten him now. Jack Y. Bush! That Guy!  

I mean, on the upside for whatever rube the Democratic party coughs up to run (is their another moderate astronaut out there?), she or he will probably get an added influx of cash from "The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own" types. Can a Bush ever win election in this country again, or are we just in a breather era between stages of the dynasty? 

Anyway, here is a shocking picture of Jebster leading some sort of child cult that revels in offensive Native American stereotypes. These children will all grow up to be horrible pill addicts.  

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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