Donors Call for RPOF Chair Greer to Resign: Can Crist Save Face?

You know what's fun about Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer at this point? No one likes him. We could call him "a fat, pompous windbag whose skills at leading his party is only rivaled in the terribleness department by his skills at singing Elvis songs," and the only person who would bat an eyelash is his mama.

Democrats have no love lost for the pretend emperor of Florida's GOP (unless they want to thank him for running his party into serious problems), and now many Republicans have had enough of his antics too. In fact, a dozen major Republican donors signed a letter last night calling for the immediate removal of Greer from the helm of the RPOF.

Based on the current state of affairs of the Republican Party of Florida today---first, the continued inability to raise the necessary resources to fund its budget; second, its inability to adjust its budget to eliminate unnecessary expenses; and third, its inability to motivate and unite all Republicans in a common effort for our collective benefit--it is evident that [the party chairman] has fallen short...

...Thus we can only come to the conclusion that there must be an immediate change of chairmanship of the Republican Party of Florida.

Greer has pissed off many a right-winger by personally endorsing Crist in the Senate race and McCollum in the gubernatorial race, which was seen as an attempt to limit competitive primaries. There's also a sense among some that he's tried to suppress the influence of conservatives within the party.

But perhaps more serious to these megadonors is Greer's handling of finances. The RPOF was caught in an embarrassing scandal dealing with personal spending on party AmEx cards earlier this year, and now charges have surfaced that the party is running on a $4 million deficit.

While the party chairmanship is technically elected, an incoming

governor has great influence in the selection, and Greer was Crist's

personal pick. Before that, he had served on the city council of Oviedo

and chaired Crist's campaign in Seminole County. He was virtually

unknown to members of the state committee, and some believed he turned the

party into a Crist fan club.

Even while Greer faces criticism, Crist has stood by his man. True, many

of the shots at Greer have come from Marco Rubio supporters, but the call by

these Republican piggy banks is a whole other line of attack.

Should Crist finally send Greer packing back to Oviedo? Can he salvage the situation and come out clean? Maybe. The

council meets next week. Perhaps Crist could give tacit support to

sacrificing Greer in favor of a more conservative party leader with

some financial credibility who in return wouldn't work in anyway,

publicly or behind the scenes, to tilt support to Rubio. We don't know

if such a person exists, but if we were Crist, we'd certainly begin looking.

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Kyle Munzenrieder