Donald Trump Yanks Miss USA Pageant From Doral, Pissed at Mayor

Don't mess with Donald Trump. He's the kind of guy who, if you look at him the wrong way during a business deal, will find a way to exact revenge. City leaders in Doral found that out the hard way.

The 2014 edition of the Trump-owned Miss USA pageant was scheduled to take place at the similarly Trump-owned Doral Resort and Spa, but after infighting amongst the city government and comments made by Mayor Luigi Boria, Trump has decided to hold the event elsewhere.

See, Mayor Boria is in a public and personal spat with his city manager Joe Carollo (AKA former Miami Mayor Loco Joe -- who would have thought). Part of that feud has involved the Miss USA pageant. Carollo was a big supporter of bringing the pageant to Doral, and a city vote was held to authorize Carollo to work with Trump in bringing it to the city.

Boria was the lone dissenting vote. Trump found out and got pissed.

"You want to avoid awkward complications like that," Ed Russo, project consultant for the Trump Organization, told the Miami Herald. "It's going to return to Las Vegas because of the lack of support from the mayor."

"The main reason is they don't want to have a pageant in the resort in a city where they feel the main person doesn't want them there -- they are not welcome," councilwoman Ana Maria Rodriguez told NBC Miami, undoubtedly referring to the mayor.

Trump's spokesman however did indicate he may reconsider holding the pageant in Doral in the future; but the 2014 edition will be held once again in Vegas.

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