Donald Trump Is Giving Speech, Eating at Versailles Tomorrow, but You (Probably) Can't Attend UPDATED

Donald Trump will give his first campaign speech in Miami tomorrow — but it won't be open to the public.

Maybe that's because he was forced to cancel his last planned rally in Doral in March after protesters vowed to storm the event. Or perhaps it's due to the fact that cops barred journalists and Black Lives Matter protesters from his last rally in Boca Raton. It probably doesn't help that Trump is persona non grata in Doral now after the Cadillac Golf Championships left his Trump National Doral Golf Course after operating in Miami since the 1960s.

Whatever the reasons, Trump's campaign says the Republican nominee will give a talk at the DoubleTree Hotel Miami Airport & Convention Center's Royal Poinciana Ballroom at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow.

At the moment, it's unclear what Trump will talk about — though he, or someone on his tiny campaign staff, has titled the speech "Succeeding Together." The speech had originally been listed as a "policy speech" online.

Some folks on the web have taken the new title to mean Trump will start to dish out some of his first endorsements — though, given how often Trump turned Marco Rubio into a schoolyard punching bag, a Rubio endorsement probably isn't likely.

But it seems more likely that tomorrow's trip to South Florida might just be a clandestine way to drum up more money for Trump's flagging fundraising campaign.

According to the Miami Herald, Trump will meet with "a small group of local community leaders, including politicians and fundraisers" before his speech tomorrow. Until last month, Trump had raised a historically low amount of money for a presidential nominee. Given his deep ties to the world of South Florida real estate, the trip here could simply be an excuse to play a round of golf with some deep-pocketed friends and ask them to spot him a few bucks.

Yesterday, however, the Trump campaign announced it had pulled in $51 million in fundraising money during June.

Knowing Trump, tomorrow's speech could just be another excuse to gloat about how well he's doing.

Update: The Herald also reports that Trump, bastion of all things tolerance, has invited "20-30 'Hispanic leaders'" to lunch at Versailles, Miami's capital of Cuban political drama, tomorrow before his speech at the DoubleTree.

“This is an opportunity for him to listen,” Karen Giorno, Trump’s senior political adviser and Florida campaign chief, told the Herald, apparently with a straight face. The dinner will also be closed to the public, though expect a heavy protest presence and/or all-out media circus:

When New Times called Versailles, a woman who answered the phone said she hadn't yet heard that Trump was coming tomorrow.

"Oh, god," she said.

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