Donald Trump Is Apparently Coming to Miami Monday
Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg

Donald Trump Is Apparently Coming to Miami Monday

There's been no official announcement, but it sure looks like Donald Trump will travel to Miami this Monday. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) records and "sources" speaking to the Miami Herald suggest the president will make a pit stop in the Magic City next week, but so far the White House has been mum on actual details.

As the Palm Beach Post first noted yesterday, the FAA this past Monday issued a "VIP Notice" that a high-level government official plans to travel through Miami airspace April 16. Given that VIP Notices almost always refer to the president or vice president, and that Trump already plans to be at Mar-a-Lago all next week (April 15 through 22), it's fairly reasonable to surmise the Big Wheezing Boy will cram himself into an airplane and stop somewhere in Miami. As the Post noted, Trump plans to hang out with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago Tuesday and Wednesday.

"Expect VIP movement April 16, 2018, in the vicinity of Miami," the FAA notice reads. "Pilots can expect airspace restrictions in conjunction with this VIP movement."

Not to be outdone, the Herald today confirmed through anonymous sources that America's intemperate, pear-shaped leader plans to host a "business roundtable" to promote the idea that the Republican Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is working to boost the economy. There's no word yet where Trump will actually host the event (perhaps his own golf course) or if he'll have launched rockets at Syria by that point. (Fun fact: He approved his last volley of Syrian airstrikes while eating cake at Mar-a-Lago.)

According to independent analysis, the GOP tax plan has so far saved tons of money for major American corporations and rich Floridians while providing few, if any, benefits to working people. Miami Rep. Carlos Curbelo, who voted for the tax package, wound up cutting taxes on his own wife's personal assets too.

Because the event will probably center on all the #jobs Trump claims he's creating, look for fellow alleged jobs creator Rick Scott, who recently announced a run for U.S. Senate, to show his face. Trump and Scott have long been allies and have a history of campaigning on each other's behalf — Scott chaired a pro-Trump political action committee in 2016, and Politico Florida recently unearthed records that show Trump's secretary of the interior, Ryan Zinke, staged a stunt to make Scott look good last year. When Zinke announced his department was opening U.S. coastlines for oil drilling, Scott claimed he argued with Zinke and ensured the secretary would protect Florida coastlines from oil companies. In reality, internal records show the entire thing was orchestrated from the beginning.

Regardless, look for Trump to take the opportunity (or others like it) to stump for his undead governor friend next week. Likewise, look for locals to protest the visit. Miami Beach Commissioner Ricky Arriola has already posted online he intends to raise some hell while Trump is in town.

"Oh good. I haven't done a street protest of a President before!" Arriola wrote on Facebook today. "I am getting the signs ready! Should be fun. Let me know if you want to join!"

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