Domino's and CP+B Declare War on Subway

Oh, look. Another controversial ad campaign. Guess who's behind it? *Yawn* Crisping Porter + Bogusky.

Seems, the ad wunderkinds have the Domino's account. The pizza chain is now entering the sandwich sector, and going after Subway. Their recent ads indicated that according to a "taste test" consumers prefer Domino's new sub line to Subway's by a margin of two to one. Subway, doesn't seem to think that the taste testing methods were fair and sent a cease and desist order. Well, Crispin and the suits at Domino's got together and decided the best and really most mature way to respond to this was filming a commercial of the letter being burnt in a Domino's oven by the CEO. Classy.

There's an easy way to make Domino's, Subway, and especially me happy. Put this latest campaign behind you, and BRING BACK THE NOID! He could kick Jared's ass.

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