Dolphins to Get Hammered Tonight: Check the Record

The Dolphins home opener is tonight at Sun Life Stadium.

Everybody in the world is talking about the keys to the game. Can Chad Henne pass? Can Reggie Bush run? Can that damn defensive line get to that damn pretty boy... um, what's his name... Brady?

Well, forget about it. Brady has beat us the past couple meetings, and the game before that was a miraculous comeback. Moreover, the Dolphins barely won at home last year. On the road, yes, but not en casa. And the line is Patriots by 4.

Sure, I would like to see Brandon Marshall clean up. And Jake Long, the big tackle, is finally back in action. And hey, they looked pretty good versus Carolina and the Cowboys. But that was the preseason.

So I am buying beer and hunkering down. What team do we play next week? The Texans. Maybe we can beat them. 

Here's the past record (from the Patriots' perspective), or at least what I could gather of it.

2011 (Jan. 2)

Patriots  38-7

Patriots 41-14


Patriots 27-17

Dolphins 22-21


Dolphins 38 13
Patriots 48-28

Patriots  49-28
Patriots - W 28-7

Patriots 20-10
@ Dolphins - 21-0

Patriots 23-16
Dolphins 28-26

Patriots  24-10
@ Dolphins - 29-28

Patriots 19-13
Patriots 12-0

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